Helpful links and downloads for indie magazine lovers.


Probably the biggest and most established blog about everything magazine related. We admire Jeremy Leslie’s persistence and devotion to the subject matter. Follow him on Twitter too. magCulture is now also a real-life shop in London!

Stack Magazines

Stack is a service that sends you a random indie magazine every month. The guy behind it, Steve Watson, is also extremely knowledgable about magazines and runs a very lively blog with lots of mag reviews and insightful interviews.


An online community that’s all about magazines. Create a digital database of your own physical mag collection, follow other mag lovers, buy or sell issues and generally discover great publications (maybe by their covers?). We love what Dan is doing with Magpile! Make sure to also check out his podcast MagHeroes for interviews with publishers.


By the same maker as Magpile, Subsail is a new susbcription management tool that is trying to take the hassle out of managing a growing magazine subscriber database. We're working with Dan to optimise order exports to work smoothly with our shipping software.


Another SaaS platform providing tools for small publishers to manage their subscribers and grow their readership.

Magazine Wall

A simple Tumblr with thousands of magazine covers.

Coffee Table Mags

An Instagram account you can't miss if you're into magazines (and coffee).

The Publishing Playbook

Hüman After All is a London-based creative agency with a lot of publishing experience (having created titles like Little White Lies and more recently Weapons of Reason. They’ve launched numerous publications in the past and have compiled their experience in this open and free Google Document that is collaboratively edited by lots of other folks in the publishing community. Definitely check this out if you’re thinking of starting a magazine!

Monocle’s The Stack

The Stack (another one) is a weekly podcast dedicated to the world of magazines, often hosted by Tyler Brûlé himself.

Lynda Video Tutorials

If you’re a total noob (like Kai was) and don’t know how to use Indesign or how colour management works, you can use an online video tutorial service like Lynda to learn the necessary basics. Even if you have used apps like Indesign for a while, you'll probably be surprised how many features there that you don't know of.

Offscreen Blog

Kai's behind-the-scene blog posts are insightful and have helped many other mag makers along the way.

Indie Publishing Club

This is a simple Facebook group to help indie publishers connect and share ideas/challenges. It’s a member-only thing, and for the sake of keeping the discussion on-topic, Kai only gives access to existing publishers of print titles. So once you’ve got a first issue (or you are just about to print), make sure to join us there!


There are three major envents in Europe you should not miss as an indie magazine aficionado: magCulture's The Modern Magazine (London, UK), the independent magazine festival IndieCon (Hamburg, Germany), and the editorial design conference QVED (Munich, Germany).