Frequently asked questions

What is Heftwerk?
Heftwerk is an umbrella brand for a network of companies and services passionate about independent print publications. We formed Heftwerk because we love indie mags and because we see new indie publishers struggle with the same challenges every time. There are two separate companies operating under the name Heftwerk: medialis (printer) and OML (fulfilment). There is also Kai from Offscreen who offers consulting for new publishers. Your email will be seen by all three of us, but if/when you become a customer, you will be assigned a contact person at each company that helps answer your specific questions. You’ll also receive separate invoices.

Where are you based?
Our printer and shipper are based in Berlin, Germany. Kai, our indie mag consultant (and a frontline publisher himself) is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Can I do just my printing or shipping with Heftwerk?
Yes. Heftwerk is a network of services that have proven to be successful, but we all work independently. You can use any element of our service, whether it’s just some publishing advice, the printing or the fulfilment.

I’m not based in Germany, can I still use Heftwerk?
Absolutely! We love working with publishers around the world. Ideally, you will be printing your magazine with us (through medialis) and then store/ship all copies from our location in Berlin (through OML). Some customers would like to print with us but then have all their copies shipped in bulk to a location overseas. While this is possible, it may not be very economical. Shipping pallets of magazines, especially outside of the EU, is very expensive or very slow. We recommend you produce, store, and ship from Berlin.

Ok, so how much does it all cost?
For a personal consultation session, Kai charges a flat fee of €50.00 (payable via PayPal once a date/time has been confirmed). For a printing quote, please fill out our quote form and email it to us. General prices for shipping are available here.

But, print is dead!
Nice trolling! But seriously, we strongly believe that high-quality printed publications are here to stay. Here’s a wonderful quote, taken from an editor’s note of a print magazine: “In the same way that the automobile allowed the horse to become a creature of leisure rather than one of labour, so too has digital publishing moved traditional publishing into the realm of luxury.”