with Kai Brach – publisher of Offscreen Magazine

About Kai

When Kai launched the first issue of Offscreen almost five years ago, he didn't expect it to turn into a full-time job. But that's exactly what happened. Over 15 issues (and going) Kai established Offscreen as a sustainable publishing project with a small, but slowly growing, loyal audience.

Ever since leaving his career in web design behind, Kai has been a passionate advocate for the printed medium and independent publishing. He's given numerous talks on the subject at conferences around the world and regularly publishes his thoughts, successes, and mistakes on his blog. He's also written an extensive start-up guide for fledgling mag makers on Medium: Indie Magonomics.

Kai is a founding member of Heftwerk. He's constantly thinking about ways to optimise the Heftwerk experience for publishers and readers alike. He spends his days online and can usually be found at a cafe in Melbourne (where he lives) or Berlin (where he often visits). Kai speaks English and German fluently.

Get advice

First, make sure you read Kai's extensive indie publishing guide and browse through his blog.

Kai answers general indie publishing-related questions via email.

To ask specific questions and discuss your own project in more detail, you can book a casual Skype session (about 60–90 minutes) with Kai for €50.00. Note that Kai is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Next Steps

Kai answers basic questions about Heftwerk and indie publishing via email. For in-depth consultation and specific advice on your project, you can book a casual Skype session with Kai for €50.00. Contact us.