Some of the publications we produce and work with.

Full Client List

  • 20seconds
  • 39Null (not continued)
  • A Book Apart
  • Accatone
  • A City Made By People Journal (not continued)
  • A Dance Mag
  • Alejandro Cartagena (books)
  • Anxy Magazine (not continued)
  • Arts of the Working Class (streetjournal/books)
  • Are We Europe Magazine
  • Barakunan (books)
  • Better Work Together
  • Bikepacking Journal
  • Block Magazin
  • Borshch Magazine
  • Bread Magazine (not continued)
  • British Travel
  • Broccoli
  • C-Heads
  • Cacao Magazine
  • CALEO Magazine (not continued)
  • Carve Out
  • cone of shame
  • Das Wetter
  • Der Greif
  • Dinamo
  • Divisare
  • Dummy
  • Dust Catcher Mag (not continued)
  • E-Mountainbike
  • Eaten
  • edition Taube (books)
  • Eighty Degrees Magazine
  • Elska
  • Epilog
  • Faire
  • Fare
  • Far Ride Magazine (not continued)
  • Fields
  • Fireflies
  • Flaneur
  • Four&Sons
  • Fujilove (not continued)
  • Gentle Rain
  • GlouGlou
  • Good Sport
  • Graes
  • Grilli Type
  • Handstand Factory
  • Hant Magazin (not continued)
  • Hello Mr.
  • Holo
  • Irin Journal
  • Jacobin Magazin
  • Kater Demos (not continued)
  • La Rampa
  • Let it bloom
  • Lindsay Magazine
  • Long Distance
  • Lost not Found
  • Luxe Noir
  • Mayday Magazine (not continued)
  • Made Quarterly (not continued)
  • Math Magazine
  • MC1R
  • Missy
  • Motion Impulse
  • MUBI
  • Nang
  • Nansen
  • Negative Feedback Magazine (not continued)
  • Nieves (books)
  • Nordic Style Mag
  • Nourished (not continued)
  • Off To
  • Offscreen
  • Other Arts
  • Panta Magazine
  • Peddler Journal
  • Petite Passport
  • Perfect Stranger
  • Pipette
  • Plasma Magazine
  • P*ceptual
  • Primary Paper
  • Process Journal (not continued)
  • Rabbel
  • Raz El Hanout (books)
  • Record Culture
  • Romance Journal
  • Rosegarden
  • Runaway
  • Sabat
  • Salt and Wonder
  • Schottland Magazin
  • Scott Rao Coffee Books
  • Seulement Pour la Vie(not continued)
  • She Shoots Film
  • Sindroms
  • SOFA
  • Stadtaspekte
  • Standart Magazine
  • Startup Guide (Books)
  • Suspira
  • Swimmers
  • Tauko
  • Terrible Magazine
  • Terrible People
  • The Adventure Handbook(not continued)
  • The Alpine Review (not continued)
  • The Bikepacking Journal
  • The Great Discontent (Special Edition)
  • The Outpost
  • The Smart View
  • The Unseasonal
  • The Velvet Cell (books)
  • The Weekender
  • tinyStudio
  • Thought Catalog
  • Transform
  • Valet
  • Vegan Good Life (not continued)
  • WASD
  • Wilde Workshop Spiele (books)
  • Wolfy (not continued)
  • Woven
  • WOW Magazin
  • Wrong Journal
  • xTRA WIDE zine


Offscreen is an independent magazine with a thoughtful, human-centred take on technology and the web. Discover purpose-driven people, products, and ideas that shape the future.

Published in Melbourne, Australia
Frequency Three times a year
Print run 5000
Format/pages/weight 16.0 x 22.0 cm, 160p content, 4p cover, ~300gm
Stock Content on 115 g/m² Circle matt white
Cover on 300 g/m² Circle matt white
Finishes/upgrades Soft touch lamination, Swiss booklet thread-stitched, individually wrapped
Shipping Once a week
Top destinations: US, UK, DE, NL, AU

Hello Mr.

More than a magazine, Hello Mr. is a community of men who date men starting new conversations about their interests, loves, hopes, and fears.

Published in New York, NY, USA
Frequency Twice a year
Print run 6500
Format/pages/weight 17.0 x 24.0 cm, 200p content, 4p cover, ~430gm
Stock Content on 115 g/m² coated and 100 g/m² uncoated stock
Cover on 240 g/m² Invercote creato
Finishes/upgrades Matt film lamination with pattern imprint, individually wrapped
Shipping 1-2 times per week
Top destinations: US, UK, CA, AU, DE


An art based and design forwarded project round about the culture of red hair. The only print magazine for redheads worldwide.

Published in Hamburg, Germany
Frequency Twice a year
Print run 2500
Format/pages/weight 16.5 x 23.0 cm, 160p content, 4p cover, ~380gm
Stock Cover Invercote G 240 g/m²
Text Tauro Offset 120 g/m²
Finishes/upgrades Cover laminated with Polytex 2 foil, Perfect binding
Shipping Twice weekly
Top destinations: US, DE, UK, NL, IT

Die Epilog

By looking into the small things that are changing in our everday lives, Die Epilog explores and welcomes the bigger shift around us.

Published in Weimar, Germany
Frequency Yearly
Format/pages/weight 16.5 x 24.0 cm, 128p content, 4p cover, ~325gm
Stock Content on 90 g/m² uncoated recycling stock and 115 g/m² coated stock
Cover on 250 g/m² Rembrandt grained
Finishes/upgrades Protective varnish on the outside (semi-matt)
Shipping Once a week
Top destinations: DE, AT, CH, LU, ZA

Dumbo Feather

Behind extraordinary ideas, there are extraordinary people. Dumbo Feather is a magazine about these people.

Published in Melbourne, Australia
Frequency Quarterly
Print run 1000 (in Germany)
Format/pages/weight 20.0 x 27.0 cm, 112p content, 4p cover, ~450gm
Stock Content on 120 g/m² uncoated offset stock
Cover on 300 g/m² offset stock
Finishes/upgrades Protective varnish on the outside (semi-matt)
Shipping Once a week
Top destinations: tbd

Anxy Magazine

Anxy is a magazine about our inner worlds. The ones we often refuse to share, despite all that they drive inside us.

Published in Berkeley, CA, US
Print run 5000
Format/pages/weight 19,05 cm x 24,1 cm, 184p content, 4p cover
Print Cover 5/4 euroscale+Pantone 805 U / euroscale
Text 4/4 euroscale+Pantone 805 U / euroscale+Pantone 805 U
Cover outside pages printed with varnish semimatt
Stock Cover Flora, nature white uncoated (30 % Recycling, 60% virgin fiber, 10% cotton) 240 g/m²
Text MultiOffset, uncoated, woodfree, white, with 1,3 volume FSC-certified 100 g/m²
Finishes/upgrades Hotfoil Embossing on titel page (Kurz 949, transparent), perfect binding, packed for transport on euro pallet

HANT Magazin

A photography magazine

Published in Thüringen, Germany
Print run 400
Format/pages/weight 21 cm x 28 cm, 100p content, 4p cover
Stock Cover Invercote G 380 g/m²
Text Soporset Preprint 160 g/m²
Finishes/upgrades Die cut for the cover, Perfect bound

SABAT Magazine

Sabat Magazine fuses Witchcraft and feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art.

Published in London, UK
Print run 2000
Format/pages/weight 20,2 cm x 28,5 cm, 160p content, 4p cover
Print Cover 2/1 deepblack+pantone /deepblack
Text 1/1 deepblack / deepblack (128 pages)
Text 4/4 euroscale / euroscale (16 pages)
Text 2/2 deepblack+pantone metallic / deepblack+pantone metallic +glossy varnish (16 pages)
Cover printed with varnish semimatt + glossy UV-spot varnish
Stock Cover Grenita 250 g/m²
Text Munken print cream 1,8 vol. 115 g/m² (144 pages)
Text glossy coated, woodfree 115 g/m² (16 pages)
Finishes/upgrades Softcover sewn-bound, producing 1 tool for die-cut, 1 printing sheet á 16 pages die-cut (5-6 parts), 1 tool for embossing type (ca. 40x50 cm) blind embossing without hot foil