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There are many loose ends in independent publishing. Finding reliable services that produce high-quality work at an affordable price is paramount. That's what many of our clients keep telling us. And that's why we created Heftwerk.

Heftwerk is a simple network of services that has proven to be a great match when it comes to producing independent magazines, books or other printed products. But we don't stop there. Once your product comes out of the printing press, we can store and manage your inventory, ship weekly or monthly orders to anywhere in the world and even help you get into newsstands and bookshops around Germany. You stay in complete control the entire time.

We're based in Berlin and work with many well-known publications. If you are looking for a frictionless publishing process that's proven successful in the past, get in touch.



We have specialised in producing high-quality magazines and books (soft- and hardcover) on German offset printing presses from a print run of 300 and up. Starting with an individual quote, we assist you throughout the entire production process from the choice of stock and various finishes, outputting the final files ready for print, quality control and colour proofing, all the way to the binding process. Our friendly, approachable team speaks German and English. We're passionate about print and can't wait to turn your creative ideas into a uniquely beautiful product.

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Sebastian Senff

Sebastian Senff

Storage/Shipping by OML

OML has been a specialist in the fulfillment process of media products since 1989. With two regional centres in Hamburg and Berlin, our clients include large newspapers and small independent publishers. We are the answer to the question of how to ship your products around the world. Finding reliable packaging and locating the fastest and safest shipping option is what we're best at. We store your products securely in our warehouse and dispatch them on a daily, weekly, monthly or just a one-off basis. Most importantly, we're nimble and flexible, so speak to us about your fulfillment needs.

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Ronny Bader

Ronny-André Bader
Regional Manager Berlin

Distribution by carnivora

Starting with just 1500 copies, we can distribute your publication throughout our extensive network of newsstands and shops at train stations and airports across Germany. For smaller distribution numbers we can also find some great outlets specific to your target market. We're also able to take care of your entire subscription management, from shipping out magazines through OML, invoicing subscribers and providing phone and mail support for your readers in Germany. Understanding your publication and working closely with you as a publisher to reach your ideal subscriber market is extremely important to us — and it's what we're good at.

carnivora-verlagsservice.de (German)

Stefan Rudnick

Stefan Rudnick


  • Offscreen

    Offscreen Magazine

    Offscreen is an “old-fashioned" magazine in high-quality print, exploring the life and work of people that create websites and apps. The publication tells the less obvious human stories of creativity, passion and hard work that hide behind every interface. → offscreenmag.com

    I could not be happier with the quality that AZ produces and I have recommended them to several publishers as my preferred printer. OML offers an affordable, reliable and efficient way to get my products out into the world. A great combination. — Kai Brach, Publisher
  • Weekender

    The Weekender

    The Weekender is an independent lifestyle magazine. Through engaging stories and strong photography the magazine presents inspiring locations and their residents with a focus on travel, nature and leisure. → the-weekender.com

  • Made Quarterly

    MADE Quarterly

    MADE Quarterly is a publication that documents the workings of the modern maker, including but not limited to industrial design, architecture, fashion, interior design, photography and the culinary world. → madequarterly.com

    After producing several editions of both of our publications with AZ Druck, we could not be happier with the production quality, service and level of professionalism we have received. Likewise with OML, from the beginning we have been provided with flawless service, an extremely high level of attentiveness and willing to assist (even with our most difficult requests). Both AZ and OML share a rare combination of qualities and attributes and I cannot recommend both highly enough. — Thomas Williams, Publisher
  • Hello Mr.

    hello mr.

    Hello Mr. is a magazine about men who date men. It's a representation of everyday life through the coy introduction to a new generation of gay men. A refreshing approach to traditional publishing for its audience. → hellomrmag.com

    Launching a magazine can be intimidating, but the support I received from AZ and OML gave me the confidence that the end product I was aiming for would be just as I imagined. Turns out it was, and more! I'm extremely happy with our result and with the working relationship we've developed. — Ryan Fitzgibbon, Publisher
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